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Quality construction

kvalitet izgradnje

The architecture of St Simeon, inspired by Serbian mediaeval culture and tradition, called for the use of the most valuable construction materials: wood, stone and wrought iron.

Siberian larch

This extremely high quality timber has been used for the first time in construction in this region, in a 50 mm cladding on the façade and in the roof shingles of the Jaram Villas. It is impervious to rot and lasts for centuries; it is resistant to humidity and changes in temperature and has high resistance to fire. It is a natural antioxidant and a source of phytoncides which give protection from colds and viruses. This timber does not need any kind of protection.

Stone and wrought iron

Since ancient times our mines have been known for their superior natural sandstone, known to science as Bela Voda sandstone. Because of its high concentration of quartz it is extremely abrasion resistant and the stone ranges in colour from cold white, beige and yellow to shades of dark red and brown. Its permanence is seen in the mediaeval monasteries and churches built from this stone, some of which have resisted the ravages of time and war. They include Ravanica, Kalenić and Manasija.

The foundations, supporting walls and roofs of the Jaram Villas are clad in this valuable material. Together with the timeless modernity of traditionally hand-made wrought-iron decoration this refines the ambience of the villas. Stone and wrought iron never go out of style, weathering time and fashion to create the aesthetics of a new tradition.


Stylisation inspired by Byzantine motifs. Modern form and style. Natural materials and modern finishes. “Smart building” technology.

Villa Anastasia


Anna, ruler of Serbia
wife of the great prince, Stefan Nemanja
mother of Stefan, Vukan and Rastko Nemanjic
received the monastic name of Anastasia
lived in the 12th century

Villa Elena


Elena Anjou, Serbian queen
wife of King Uros I Nemanjic
mother of kings Dragutin and Milutin
despite being of French origin, she was named the Serbian saint
lived in the 13th and 14th centuries

Villa Simonida


Simonida, Serbian queen
wife of King Milutin
daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Andronicus
known for her extraordinary beauty
lived in the 14th century

Villa Theodore


Theodore, Serbian queen
wife of King Stefan Uros III of Decani, his moral and great support
mother of the first Serbian king - Dusan the Mighty
lived in the 14th century